La Sonnambula

La Sonnambula, inspired by the Bellini opera,  takes the idea of sleepwalking quite literally. The heroine, a somnambulant bride-to-be, is mistaken for a ghost. 

This series of photographs is shot in locations in Oakland and San Francisco where brides traditionally have pictures taken during the day – around Lake Merritt, the Oakland Rose Garden, the Palace of Fine Arts, and the Legion of Honor.  


Nocturne explores the idea of secret goings on at night while we are all tucked soundly in our beds.  In this series, night itself becomes a character in the narrative.  This time, the location is domestic, a setting for the reenactment of personal mythologies.  As if in a dream state, the figure revels in a series of roles reminiscent of literary characters – Alice in Wonderland, Ophelia, Venus rising from the water, a nymph gazing into a pool.

A Night There Lay the Days Between

One night I dreamt I was haunting my own life.  The series A Night There Lay the Days Between was borne of that dream.  The idea of being “asleep” during the day while being really “awake” at night, and the importance of the night triumphing over day, as in the Emily Dickinson poem from which the title is taken, is central to the theme of these photographs. 

Individual Works